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Best Books On Christian Relationships 57 Books

And if you’re returning to the office in the near future, “Radical Candor” is a great managerial tool to help leaders and bosses confront various personality types and challenges. As people return to the office for work, many are finding their people-managing skills a bit rusty. Without the ability to end a zoom call with the click of a button, complicated personalities are more difficult to avoid. The Enneagram is one of the fastest-growing personality assessments and concepts in the world right now, and rightfully so. There are nine different personality types with up to 27 subtypes to help you understand yourself—aiding in connection with those closest to you.

Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life, Work—Anywhere by

Another valuable book, particularly for women looking to find the right man to spend their life with. It offers interesting and detailed insights about the qualities of a man a female should look for as a life partner. The Man God Has for You discusses seven traits that can help women find their life partners. It describes these seven traits in detail and provides several examples for better understanding.

This Gottman marriage book is the natural follow-up to that explanatory read. We read this together when we were having some challenges in our relationship. The book came at a perfect time in our life together. We were not yet engaged, and I think this book really paved the way for us to move towards a healthy marriage. If you’re trying to take an empathetic approach to relationships, “The Enneagram for Relationships” is a good choice. Designed to help you understand your own personality to relate to others, the book dives into individuality in couples, families, and friendships.

Like most Christians, Adam has questioned his faith at more than one occasion. He doesn’t like to believe something just to believe in something. He likes to ask questions and understand the reasoning behind a belief. This is exactly why Adam decided to create The Witness.

„Love and Respect for a Lifetime“ by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

This spiritual look at dating will show you that maybe it’s not just about who you marry, but why you do it, too. Instead, this is a journal that helps Christian teens work through their complicated relationships with the help of the authors. To show how you feel and build up your strength of conviction, there are exercises you can do.

It is for younger couples or those who have not been together for long. This book by Gary Thomas was created to be used on a weekly basis. This is unique from other devotional books which are often daily readings. Topics covered include finances, sex, family relationships, household duties, resolving disagreements, and more. Great for couples at any stage in their relationship. Written by Timothy Keller with his wife Kathy Keller, this book talks about the biblical view of marriage.

It’s a very sweet, well written devotional, that is not over whelming, but gently nudges you closer to your spouse. Your marriage is more than a sacred covenant with your spouse. It is a relationship God uses to help you know Him more, trust Him more fully, and love Him more deeply. This book is designed for couples with children who live in the home.

The 80/80 Marriage is written for career-driven and busy individuals who want to make the most out of their marriage. Through further understanding of yourself, you can be more empathetic and accommodating to those you love. Instead of focusing strictly on the nine personality types, this book focuses on how to use that understanding to strengthen relationships. Pastor John Burke encourages listeners to create opportunities to reach others for Christ by building relationships and providing a judgment-free “come as you are” learning space. Hear inspiring stories of how you can engage with others in everyday life, leading to lasting change. Gary Thomas explains why dating couples who have past sexual baggage must discuss these issues before getting married.

While I haven’t read every single book on marriage and relationships on this list, I’ve read quite a few . For those I haven’t read, we’re featuring authors we trust, books that have been recommended by friends and trusted sources, and those that are highly rated time and again. In this day and age, we could all use a refresher in terms of basic communication skills. This award-winning book—filled with how-to guides, writing prompts, and exercise challenges—is a great place to start. What if you stopped looking for a “soul mate” and started looking for a “sole mate”—someone who will live out with you the great purpose of God?

Getting to know yourself, having healthy relationships with other people, and having a relationship with God will be taught to you in this book. It was written by a licensed professional counselor, and it will make you think about how healthy people have healthy dating relationships. It’s full of information, hot topics, and practical how-that to’s you can use. I watched the movie, “FIREPROOF” never leave your partner behind. It is the best christian movie for married couples that I have ever seen!! The book love dare was a big part of the movie also.

We have purchased an additional book for a co-worker of my husband’s who is going through some rough times with his wife. The Love Dare doesn’t address these differing roles which are very important to the success of any Christian marriage. Third, I felt datingranker there was this unwritten “if you do these steps your marriage will be transformed” aura to the book. The movie’s plot confronted the main character with his need for a personal relationship with God mid-way through, and so the book follows suit.